Do you plan to visit or live in Switzerland?

Well, the country has a lot to offer – from picturesque destinations, an experience to their culture to a good companionship with hospitable Swiss people.

But of course, it would be much better if you can enjoy Switzerland without having to spend too much money.

In this article, we will teach you how to travel to Switzerland on a tight budget:

Transport for free

There some cities in Switzerland that offer free transportation for tourists. Yes, you heard it right! This includes Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, and Lausanne, among others. They are also pushing to extend this concept to all other cities. So if you plan to stay in one of these cities, inform your receptionist for some freebies. Also when you are moving to Switzerland you can opt in for so called part-load removals to Switzerland.

Ride a bike

Biking is a popular mode of transportation in Switzerland. In fact, some cities offer free bikes.  Bern, Canton of Valais, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Zug, and Zurich are known to lend bikes for tourists for hours or even a day. You just need to present your ID and 20 CHF for the claimable deposit. In some cities, they ask for a rental fee, however, it is cheaper than riding a public transportation.

Stay in your friend’s house

If you have a close friend or relative in Switzerland, then it will be a perfect choice to stay with them for a couple of days. It will help you save at least 40CHF on night accommodation. If you have friends in every city, the better. Besides, Switzerland is a small country. You can conveniently switch places in a day.

Sleep in farms

If you are a little bit of an extra, then try sleeping above the cows. Agrotourismus will give you a farm holiday experience. One night stay just ranges from 25 to 35 CHF. They will also provide you a good morning breakfast. This is perfect especially to those who want to detour out of the city hustle and bustle.

Cook for yourself

In everywhere you go, eating out is always expensive. So, to save yourself from unwanted costs, cook for yourself. Supermarkets, like Aldi, Migros, and Lidl offer cheap products.

We hope you have a wonderful stay in Switzerland!