Welcome dear guests and visitors!

Pilgrim Inn is so excited to be part of your journey here in Switzerland. We offer accommodations to both foreign and local tourists, expats, migrants, and anyone who wish to enjoy Switzerland. Our primary goal is to take care of your stay here. All you need to do is enjoy and relax.

With this, we offer the following services:

Itinerary Setting

Apparently, the place is new to you. We do not want you to be lost in the middle of nowhere. Let us create you an itinerary of all your future whereabouts. We will organize you a list of the places that are highly recommended for travelers and visitors. Everything will be detailed from all the expenses to time schedule.

Hotel Accommodation

Pilgrim Inn will ensure that you get a comfortable place to stay and rest. There are various numerous hotels, inns, and houses in Switzerland where you can spend your day and night. We will recommend you the best place that suits your budget.

Tour Guide

Apart from itinerary setting, we also want to make sure that every place in Switzerland will be properly introduced to you. We also offer tour guide services. We will answer all your questions about every Swiss attraction. We are very approachable and fun to be with.

Professional Assistance

Are you here for business matters? We know it is hard for you to attend to all official concerns. If you wish to get government permits and licenses, engage in official functions or meet some recognized organizations here in Switzerland, we will be happy to assist you with all your appointments.