Traveling to Switzerland for a vacation? Or are you here for a business function? Well, you wouldn’t want to go home without exploring the different Swiss attractions. Switzerland is just a small, humble country. A few days or a week would be great for you to get a wholesome Switzerland experience.

Here are our top five destinations you shouldn’t miss:

The Matterhorn

“Mont Cervin” as Swiss people call this beauty. The Matterhorn is a mountain of the Alps. Not just any mountain, but one of the highest and the most iconic mountains in the world. It rises to over 4,500 meters. At the bottom, you can stay in the village of Zermatt, a picturesque resort with world-class hotels and restaurants. If you came here during summer, then you can enjoy swimming, hiking, and biking, among others.

The Jungfrau Region

This place is perfect for all adventure and thrill-seekers as it hosts several leisure activities. It is located in the beautiful region of Bernese Oberland. Its original name “Jungfraujoch” means “virgin”, truly untouched by humankind. Most popular walks include the Panorama way, the Glacier Gorge, and the Eiger trail.


In the middle of the Jungfrau region lies the Interlaken. It is where most travelers start their adventure. It is a small, rustic town in the Bernese Highlands which leads you to the lakes and mountains of the region where you can go water cruising and mountain climbing, respectively. As a matter of fact, Interlaken is considered as Switzerland’s adventure capital.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is among the largest lakes in Europe. The region where it is found encompasses Lausanne, Lauvaux, and Montreux. The beautiful Lausanne is surrounded by vineyard-covered slopes. It is also where some of the country’s most impressive Gothic architectures are found. On the other hand, Lauvaux is a continuous vineyard with terraces. You can dine here at their charming, mini-restaurants.

Bern, The Capital

Your Switzerland adventure wouldn’t be complete if you will not visit the capital, Bern. Basically, you can do a lot of things here – going for an adventure like canyoneering and bicycle touring; visiting art museums and Albert Einstein’s house, and a whole lot more.