Every company has their own distinct culture. It varies from organization to organization or from country to country. In Switzerland, there are basic things that you should remember when doing business. Either you are meeting a client or serving a customer, these are just the must-do etiquettes to remember:

Dress professionally

Building your image is equally important as building your company’s reputation. As a representative of an organization, you need to look smart by dressing professionally. According to a business image consultant, dressing appropriately translates to business success. So, men and women should invest in their daily corporate wear.

Three seconds matter

People in the business believe in “the first impression lasts”. When you meet your employers, clients, or customers, make a good impression in the first three seconds. Do not wait for minutes, hours, or days. Basically, Swiss people look at you first on the face. A smile is your best armor.

Customers above all

In Swiss business world, the hierarchy is important. However, it is not the boss who is on top, but the customers. They are the priority of every organization in Switzerland. It is a must that employees greet their customers and guests first before their boss and colleagues. In introducing people, introduce your boss to the customer first.

Gender does not matter

Switzerland strongly supports gender equality, especially in business. Men and women are given equal importance and opportunity to conduct business. It doesn’t even matter if the men introduce themselves first instead of women. They just don’t buy stereotypes in business.

Addressing colleagues

In most cases, people call their fellows by their names. In Swiss business, the boss typically calls their juniors by their first names. On the other hand, the junior employees should wait for their bosses’ instructions regarding how they will be addressed.

Don’t be late

The most important business etiquette is punctuality. In school, you are always taught not to be late. This trait should be brought until you get your own job. Every second count in business. A time lost is a money and opportunity wasted. Don’t let your boss, your colleagues, your clients, and customers to wait for you.

Image created by CT Business Travel